OHI Engineering provided Licensed Site Professional services for an industrial facility in southeastern Massachusetts. The facility manufactured metallic plates for photoengraving purposes. As part of the manufacturing process, mineral spirits and other petroleum products were used for lubrication. A layer of these petroleum products had formed on the groundwater table due to leaks in the oil recovery system and from underground storage tanks.

An extensive site assessment was conducted in the interior of the building. Issues overcome included small workspace, ensuring that manufacturing operations were not negatively affected, the significant thickness of the existing concrete slab and the fairly large extent of impact. In some wells, over three feet of non-aqueous phase liquid (NAPL) were identified. Free-product recovery is on-going. Periodic monitoring has indicated that NAPL layer thickness has been significantly reduced since the start of product recovery. OHI Engineering prepared submittals to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection that modified the groundwater classification at the site so that drinking water standards no longer have to be met resulting in a significant cost and time savings.