Our client is a manufacturer of specialty rubber, PVC and silicon jacketed cables. Jacket extrusion and curing requires the use of both contact and non-contact cooling water. In order to meet discharge limits of the EPA National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit, recycling and treatment of the process water was required.

OHI Engineering was responsible for the design of a reverse osmosis treatment system to remove salts from the contact cooling water prior to recycling the process water. Flow rates and water quality data were collected over a period of sixty days to ensure that appropriate data was used in the design. OHI designed a new mezzanine for the equipment thereby minimizing floor space disruption. A series of chillers and cooling towers were also installed to facilitate re-use of the process water. Upon system completion, process water in all areas of the facility will be fully recycled. Installation of portions of the exterior equipment required wetland delineation and permitting with the local conservation commission.