Location: Kingston, MA

Project Description

  • During construction of an addition to the existing High School, soil and groundwater impacts with a former gasoline-containing underground storage tank were identified.
  • Impacts caused construction issues relative to the installation of a portion of the stormwater control system.
  • Due to the conditions encountered, notification of the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection was required and subsequent activities had to be conducted as an Immediate Response Action in accordance with the Massachusetts Contingency Plan.

Services provided by OHI

  • Developed necessary heath and safety procedures to allow installation of stormwater system to proceed thereby avoiding a delay to the construction schedule.
  • Assessment activities were conducted to determine the extent of gasoline imacts to the soil and groundwater at the project site.
  • Pilot test was conducted for design of a remediation system.
  • High vacuum extraction was chosen due to the presence of both soil and groundwater impacts in a relatively low permeability soil strata.
  • Licensed Site Professional (LSP) services to maintain compliance with the Massachusetts Contingency Plan.