OHI Engineering, Inc. has completed underground storage tank (UST) at numerous residential, industrial and commercial properties. Facilities have ranged from large multi-story factories to small commercial facilities and single family residences. OHI has prepared and obtained permits from local conservation commissions for work near wetland areas. In several cases, additional evaluation involving sampling and analysis of soil and/or groundwater samples as well as other regulatory compliance activities were required to resolve releases from the USTs.

UST closures typically involve observation during excavation and removal of the tank, field screening of soil remaining after tank removal and sampling and laboratory analysis of soil and/or groundwater samples. In some cases, releases of petroleum or hazardous wastes are identified that require compliance with appropriate state regulations. OHI can guide you through the regulatory process in a cost effective and expeditious manner.

In one case, an unknown UST was encountered during construction of a new residence on a lakeside property. The UST, which was full of #2 fuel oil, was located under the former residence that had been demolished. The UST was struck and released approximately 400 gallons of #2 oil; OHI coordinated with the appropriate regulatory agencies and oversaw remediation and cleanup including measures to limit impacts to the adjacent lake. This site was closed in a timely manner without significantly affecting the construction schedule.